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Broadband Technical Support

Before reporting problems with your broadband service see our Service Status page for news on 'known issues' or 'planned outages' and our Quick Troubleshooting Guide.

Think your connection is going slow? Go to Broadband Speedtest to check your performance!

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions section and a Glossary of abbreviations used for answers to many enquiries we receive.

If (after checking the Quick Troubleshooting Guide) you have a support question please contact us - ensure you include the following details:

  • The BT telephone number the ADSL broadband connection is installed on.
  • Full details of the problem including any error message / codes.
  • Your full name & company name (if applicable).
  • Your contact telephone number.
  • Your account number (if known).
  • The make / model of your ADSL modem / router.
  • Your operating system (i.e. Windows XP).
  • Any other details you think may be relevant.

For other / general enquiries please contact us.


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